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Thread: Brasilia 9 gram baskets

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    Brasilia 9 gram baskets

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    Hi to All , I am a total novice to all this coffee stuff but from reading on the net this may be what I am after for single shots or maybe not . Has anyone used this single shot basket in a Rancilio Silvia or ? Brasilia part number F00869 Single Filter Basket 9 gr . *( I have only been playing with this machine or in fact any coffee machine *for a few weeks ) * Thanks Rick
    PS. *Where are they available from ? At what cost ?
    Please move if I have put this in the wrong forum .

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    Re: Brasilia 9 gram baskets

    Welcome Rick.

    Single baskets generally are more difficult to master and most people here use a double basket all the time and just stop the shot early - so you get the same volume of espresso from a greater volume of coffee and normally end up with a richer (but not stronger) cup. You can read more about the problem with single baskets at this thread

    You can buy a range of filter baskets from site sponsor Coffeeparts; alternatively we do carry just the Synesso brand single basket at our web store as well as a few doubles. The Synesso is one of the better single baskets out there but a double is still a far more regular shape and an easier beast to master.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Brasilia 9 gram baskets

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    Hi Greg , Thanks for the info links . They were a good read . Rick

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