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Thread: Gaggia Classic Temp Surfing

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    Gaggia Classic Temp Surfing

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    Hi all.

    Ive been reading through the site and have been enjoying it very much.

    So far, I have carried out the OPV mod (not convinved Ive done it right), and have also installed the Silvia Steam Wand to my Gaggia Classic.

    My question is about temp surfing.

    When is the best time to pull ashot from the Classic?

    Is it as soon as the light comes on or is it when it goes out.



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    Re: Gaggia Classic Temp Surfing

    I used to wait from 10 to 60 sec after the boiler elements have switched off. The shots were pretty good, but I never really zeroed in on an optimum. Besides this will change depending on what beans you are using. Light roasts will need hotter (ie shorter waits) and dark roasts longer. I dont think there is any best method. If you brew with the elements on, the temp climbs pretty quickly, so you have to be quick to use this method.

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    Re: Gaggia Classic Temp Surfing

    Hi Jimbo,
    I agree with Sparky.
    I tend to start temp surfing/timing from when the elements switch off - meaning the light is ON.

    What I tend to do is to run the pump until the light goes off - i.e. when the boiler thermostat reads that the boiler temp has dropped below the threshold and starts the elements heating.
    I then lock in the portafilter and wait til the light comes on and can either start the pump then or if I want a cooler shot - start counting from that point then start the pump - or if Im running beans that want a hotter temp - I flick the steam switch on for the required time and then switch steam off and start the pump.

    Hope thats kinda clear.


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    Re: Gaggia Classic Temp Surfing

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    I put a temperature probe (this one from Jaycar) on the outside of the boiler of my Gaggia Espresso so I could tell whereabouts in the boiler cycle the machine was without doing the full temp/time surf thing (I also removed the outer metal sheath fromt he temp probe to speed up its response time, but this is probably not critical). On the Espresso (and I think the Classic has the same boiler etc), the probe reads hottest around 5 seconds after the boiler switches off (light ON for the Espresso model). This is also the temp that gives the best results for the beans I am using.

    The temp probe has been really useful in speeding up the brewing process, since I just need to hit the steam switch to bring the boiler temp up to where it needs to be without going through a full heating cycle. It is also useful for showing how much variation there is from one boiler cycle to another or within a cycle (around 20 degrees C!) or the temp drop during a shot. The other big plus for my machine (though I dont think you can do this on the Classic or others with 3-way solenoid) is that I can hit the steam switch during the brewing process to stop the temp dropping *during the shot!

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