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Thread: Procon pump adjustment

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    Procon pump adjustment

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    Well my glycerine filled pressure gauge arrived today, so at lunch I rushed down to the plumbing supplies store and picked up the necessary fittings, came back and ....

    12 Bar on one machine and 11 bar on the other.

    So off with the retainer nut on the procon. Can I get my hand in the space to adjust it - nup. So the adjustment will have to wait another day so I can get the toolkit out of my car which isnt here at the moment. To prevent my trial and error....

    Do you turn the screw clockwise, or anticlockwise to reduce the pressure?

    Roughly how many turns = 1bar?

    Any idea?

    Anyone in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria that wants to borrow a pressure gauge to fit on your portafilter - send me a pm.

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    Re: Procon pump adjustment

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    i am pretty sure my pump is clockwise (in) to increase. (i might be wrong but)

    the actual adjustments needed were quite small, my gauge is PSI but to go up 10 psi is about a 1/4 to 1/2 a turn

    i found backing off further than needed then "going" up the gauge worked better than trying to reduce. I always tap tap the pump a bit to make sure the screw / spring have really moved and are not "sticking"

    i built the same sort of gauge as you have

    give your ghead and ghandle a good clean so no grounds go into the gauge hole....

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