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Thread: Mid Range or High End Machine Differences

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    Mid Range or High End Machine Differences

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    I was trawling through the site as my machine was having down time, was thinking about other possible machines. Currrently with the ISOMAC Tea - when you get down to the real basic coffee shot is the expense of the next jump upgrade worth it ? Or is the shot the same just build and components. Thats what tends to be highlighted nothing of the coffee shot in terms of differences...could be wrong but this could be important...maybe not to the partner ;D

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    Re: Mid Range or High End Machine Differences

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    A grinder can make more difference in the cup than a change of machine

    An operator with experience and familiarity of the machine can pull great shots

    Build quality is also important for reliability and temp stability (some machines are better than others)
    You also want many years of service life the machine will give you
    What brand of machine do you see still in use 15 to 20 years after its manufacture ?

    A good cleaning routine is your best friend for any machine


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