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Thread: Olympia Cremina 67 restoration

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    Olympia Cremina 67 restoration

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    Greetings from a new member...

    I normally would do some lurking before jumping into the deep end, but I need some assistance with my first real machine purchase:

    Last week I won a Cremina 67 on eBay, listed as 12 years old. What arrived was a 32 year old machine in fairly good condition but sporting
    a thick coating of asbestos on the boiler. If anyone here knows Jan, tell her that Im not happy.

    My questions are: Should I keep the machine, knowing that they must be pretty rare on eBay here in Australia and ask for some kind of adjustment for the description error? (I really cant mail the machine back because of the asbestos-its classified as dangerous).

    Should I strip and dispose of the asbestos, have it done, or encase it in something like epoxy to ensure it stays intact and no fibres shed in the future?

    Finally, does anyone know who carries parts for these machines in Australia? (They are available from Switzerland, slowly, or from N.Y. at a premium price)

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


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    Re: Olympia Cremina 67 restoration

    Hi Greg,

    I see you won the machine I started bidding on. I was interested in this machine because there is a step by step restoration thread of one of these machines on the home-barista site. So youll be able to get most of the information from there.

    As for the asbestos issue. Youll need to find someone rated for asbestos removal. The owner should not have shipped the machine in this condition and it should have been mentioned on ebay. Im sure there are legal ramifications for shipping hazardous goods without indicating them as such. I think the best course of action would be to get a price for the asbestos removal and try to get the seller to deduct that price from the purchase price. There should be quite a few places around that can remove and dispose of asbestos.

    The worst part is that the seller has put your health at risk by not alerting you to the danger.

    It may have been that the seller wasnt aware of the asbestos inside the machine. Im sure there are quite a few people who never open up there machines to see whats inside.

    At the end of the day, Id have the asbestos removed and then get on with the restoration. It looks to be a great machine in all other regards.



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    Re: Olympia Cremina 67 restoration

    Hi Mark...

    Yes, I got crazy, and overpaid. This thing will take some fixing-the seals are shot
    in the piston assembly, and the pressure relief has been venting too. It is going to need a total rebuild once the asbestos is dealt with. I have been speaking with a couple of licenced removers this morning, and it is not going to be cheap. I think that if every kilo of asbestos in the world was handled by these guys the cost would be in the hundreds of trillions.

    I am thiiiiis close to telling the seller to make the three hour drive to come and collect it. On the other hand, Ive only had three cups of coffee this morning, and am not yet myself. :o


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    Re: Olympia Cremina 67 restoration

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    Hi Gregory Q...

    I realise this post is quite outdated, but was wondering if you still had your cremina? Ive been on the hunt for something similiar, so was wondering what it was up to? ;)

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