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Thread: Question about upgrading

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    Question about upgrading

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    Id like some advice about upgrading from a Silvia. I cant decide between getting a new or used Vibiemme Piccolo, which I love the look of, or a second hand Isomac Tea/Giotto Premium or other machine in this price range that might fall a bit under $2000 dollars used.
    My concern is that I just about always make espresso, maybe one milk drink a day, and only ever make it in small numbers. I perhaps make coffee for other people apart from my wife maybe every fortnight. If the Piccolo can make espresso as good as Isomac Tea, or a Giotto, or a Junior etc but cant heat milk as quickly, or exchange heat or whatever else as quickly then I wouldnt mind getting a Piccolo. But if the machines in the next bracket up offer more than just speed, power, etc and in fact can make a better espresso (assuming the skills of the espresso maker) than Id rather splash out a bit and source a used one and pay for it.
    I dont want to have to upgrade in *a year or two years time. I want to get something now and not want to upgrade.
    So basically I want to know if the only difference between a Piccolo and machines that cost between $2000 and $3000 new is one of convenience, power, frothing abilities, ability to reheat quickly etc BUT NOT the quality of one double espresso, or if the machines in the next price range DO make better espresso?
    People can save their breath telling me 70 or 80 per cent of the quality of the espresso is down to the skills of the person making it. Im well aware of that. Im reading, and watching DVDs and booking myself on a small course so I can make better espresso. Its a hobby Im really enjoying and intend persuing. I just dont want to upgrade in 6 months.

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    Re: Question about upgrading

    Get a HX machine
    One that you like and feel at ease using it

    I wont push you to one machine or the other
    You need to test drive a few and decide


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    Re: Question about upgrading

    Quote Originally Posted by 404546535342554B425E270 link=1277215028/0#0 date=1277215028
    I dont want to have to upgrade ina year or two years time. I want to get something now and not want to upgrade.
    Very wise, and given that, KKs advice below is very sound.

    Quote Originally Posted by 6C4841414242786C48544A48270 link=1277215028/1#1 date=1277215744
    Get a HX machine
    Getting a HX machine now, and paying the extra few hundred dollars, will save you the inevitable wish to upgrade in time.

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    Re: Question about upgrading

    Quote Originally Posted by 7B7B7B310 link=1277215028/2#2 date=1277245142
    Getting a HX machine now, and paying the extra few hundred dollars, will save you the inevitable wish to upgrade in time.
    .........and I would third this very sound advise. I also was in a similat situation and have similar coffee requirements. I was very keen on the Perfetta but went the extra to regrets at all :) Which machine, well thats an entirely different question. Take your time and consider the options and enjoy the journey.

    Steve :)

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    Re: Question about upgrading

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Hi gbatterly,

    I think I am going to disagree with the others.

    Your usage profile suits a e-61 single boiler perfectly and if you dont envisage the need to do more than a couple of milk drinks at a time, you may actually be better off.

    The beautiful thing about the Piccolo (and Diadema Perfetta) for that matter is that rather than a HX to approximate temperature, you have a rheostat controlling boiler temperature and this can be dialled in very accurately with a scace device. I reckon I can do it to <0.5oC. I guess that one day someone will PID one of these to bring temp control to a panel somewhere.

    For mine, this combo allows for the perfect espresso drinkers machine.

    Do have it scaced though (its critical). I think the pick of this batch is the Perfetta as you get full stainless chassis and a ball jointed steam wand.

    You are most welcome to make contact if youd like to further discuss some options...


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