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Thread: Flushing silvia

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    Flushing silvia

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    Just wondering what people do in their "flush" following the shot. Do you:
    1. Flush with group handle screwed on the the group head?
    2. Flush with GH not screwed on?
    3. Flush with GH have screwed on so that water runs around the sides and over the top?
    4. All of the above?
    5. None of the aboave?

    Sorry its abit like those dreaded multi-guess exams isnt it, can anyone suggest anything?

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    Re: Flushing silvia

    If youre talking about cleaning flushes, I usually use my Pallo Coffee tool to brush the grounds off the gasket, then lock the dirty portafilter back in, brush away the grinds then use my rag to go over the countertop and the drip tray.

    Before making a shot, it is necessary to activate the heating element to temperature surf, so I put my cup under the portafilter and run water through it until the element turns on. This warms up the cup, starts my temperature surf and flushes an unbelievable amount of gunk out of the portafilter ... essential step, if you ask me. I dont want those old, rancid oils around ...

    I used to do step three when I had a spare portafilter for the blind basket, but I like my new regime more.



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    Re: Flushing silvia

    I do:

    Step 2 followed by Step 1 with basket in whilst wringling the PF around (not screwed in tight). Step 2 gets rid of most gunk from screen while Step 1 with basket in helps get rid of some more around the seal.

    Then thoroughly clean seal using kitchen cloth to get rid of grounds. I think a good clean of the seal is really necessary as I sometimes cant believe the amount of crap up there after one shot. I wouldnt mind a Pallo tool - maybe next Bday.


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    Re: Flushing silvia

    Usually tap out the puck and place emptied portafilter and basket onto group. Flush through basket into a cup. That gets rid of most of the grinds attached to the shower screen.

    Empty out the cup and flush into it a second time.
    Then, remove the portafilter and use the relatively clean water from the cup to splash out grinds from basket. (Geez, we are conscious of saving water, arent we).

    If I dont intend to pull another shot for now, flush portafilter and basket again with cold water.


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    Re: Flushing silvia

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    Thanks guys!
    I have kind of been doing as Robusto says. I find that doing this, sometimes, BUT only sometimes, I get dried grounds coming off the gasket when I run the brush in the groove between the shower screen and the outside part.

    Would you all agree that they probably get there because I might sometimes fail in getting rid of the excess grinds off the basket edge? Or am I doing something else wrong?

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