When I became a CS I had a bit of a rant and rave about my incanto sbs deluxe. It had, obviously, no strictly manual settings and I became quickly frustrated with the weak shots and quick times. >:(
Then as I began to experiment with roasting my own coffee, I wasnt able to detect nuances in the flavours all that much. :(
But now things have changed! On the weekend I took some of my roasted beans to another CS- BULLIT, who lives round the corner and has the rocky/silvia combo. We ground up my whole batch of a couple of hundred grams... I know this is not normal- and not the ideal thing to do but I wanted to experiment with my own machine using the preground override.
On my machine you can go into the settings and change from weak, normal or strong and the machine grinds the required amount of beans from the hopper and tamps it accordingly.
My first try was still a bit watery so I had this great idea.. ::)
What if I fool the machine into thinking I am only putting a small amount of grounds in and set it up to tamp what it assumes is a 10 gram puck! That would mean the pressure on the tamp is increased, and it should cause a slower, fuller, moer flavoursome shot.
It worked!
I dosed up the hopper with 20 grams of rocky~ground columbian and reset the delay mechanism (preinfuser) to nothing so that I could time accurately!
26 seconds!, it drizzled out like honey and the taste!

Magnificent ::) :P
Maybe I can hold off on the silvia for a while longer... but maybe not the Rocky.