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Thread: tampers in melbourne

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    tampers in melbourne

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    Hi fellow CSers. Does anyone know where I can buy a 58mm tamper from.....I dont want to buy online.

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    Re: tampers in melbourne

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    Im currently using a 58mm Espro that I got from Veneziano. I think that they might also have the plain-jane SS tampers. I dont know of Chris from Talk Coffee has tampers. Both Veneziano and Talk Coffee are site sponsors and you can access their webpages from the links on the left of your screen.

    I also have a Greg Pullman Deluxe tamper that I ordered from Greg at Greg has bent over backwards to improve the product over the past few years and is utterly, 100% reliable. Constantly in touch throughout the process. My tamper has actually been posted and flown back and forth between Melbourne and Adelaide quite a few times for various improvements and tweaks that Greg has been responsive enough to actually try out. If you have filter baskets that you like, you can send them to him and he will machine the base to fit the baskets exactly.



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