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Thread: Boiler Repair

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    Boiler Repair

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    Hi I have a Cimabli Liberty that is need of repair.

    The element was damaged due to the machine dry boiling. *The element still works but will trip the circuit breaker after being turned on after 30 seconds or so.

    Elements are available for the machine but apparently my model has the element welded into the boiler. *Please forgive me if i have got this wrong.

    I am told it can be fixed but it is expensive to do so. *I have no idea of what the cost of the repair would most likely be.

    I have bought a replacement machine from the site sponsor and am very happy with the shiny new toy - (Chris from Talk Coffee & thoroughly recommend dealing with Chris even if you are not located in Melbourne).

    It just seems such a waste to have such a good little machine lying around in pieces going to waste. *if viable I would like to get it fixed.

    Anyone who has had a similar problem or can shed some light on the cost of repair - please share!


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    Re: Boiler Repair

    Firstly LM,

    congrats on your new baby (Splendor), and may you have many happy years together.

    Secondly, the liberty is not all that common round the traps but what we have learned over the years when the odd machine or two have come in for repair, is to have to shy away from them and refer the client straight to the importer which is a company called coffex in Melbourne.

    You are probably already aware of coffex and I gather youre in melbourne so thats about as good as its going to get Im afraid.

    The reason for us shying away is that the support for this model appears to be limited, and to get any kind of support from out of Melbourne is tough. You place an order for a part, it never turns up, they dont ring you back, or they do and they refer you to their Adelaide office, they refer you back to Melbourne...or whatever. You keep telephoning, they dont ring you back, you have to keep chasing them, yarteh yarteh yarteh. On one occasion it took about a month of chasing around for parts to get to us. From an independent repairer point of view its just not worth the trouble, and it makes the repairer look bad when the fault lies with the supplier of the parts......

    Whether the element is replaceable, or whether the bottom of the boiler has to be replaced as an assembly doesnt really matter...either way you should direct your enquiry to coffex. In any case either way I cant see why the unit would not be repairable....whether its cost effective or not or whether its worth doing for whatever reason, in the end is really only a question that the owner can address.

    Rest assured your Splendor will never be that difficult to service.


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    Re: Boiler Repair

    Thanks FC,

    I did take the machine to Coffex as you rightly point out they are the agents for Cimbali. They sub out their repair work so what i got back from them was the answer we cant repair it because the element is not replaceable unless ......... There office staff were very good and did not give me the run around at all.

    So I know its not an easy repair but it can be done. I suppose I will try and find some experienced repairer who might like a challenge, get a quote and see what happens.



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    Re: Boiler Repair

    I suggest you get in contact with the La Pavoni people in Melbourne, since maybe they can put in a pavoni element in your machine. It is a longshot, but it might work.

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    Re: Boiler Repair

    I dont know this machine, so Im not sure if this will help. However, I have a Silvia boiler with a dead element. I wanted to convert it so that it could take replaceable elements. I had an old Faema Family element that I measured up in order to do the mod. First, the elements are brazed in and require a lot of heat to be removed. But this was accomplished. Next, the new element was incompatible with the holes left in the top of the boiler. Therefore I had these holes plugged with brass that was silver soldered in place. Then I had two new holes drilled into the top of the boiler at the correct spacing. Finally I had the inside of the boiler milled around the holes to provide a flat sealing surface.

    So thats the procedure for recovering one of these boilers once the element is fried. While this process didnt cost me anything, I have access to a fully operational machine shop. The whole process would have taken between one and two hours of shop time. Id guess youd be out at least $100 for the process. Of course once its done, then you can replace the element each and every time it dies in the future... The question is how often is that likely to occur?

    One option is to keep the machine in storage and look for a second machine on ebay or put the word out amongst the various vendors that youre looking for a trade-in machine. Until that time, enjoy the new machine.



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    Re: Boiler Repair

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    Thanks Sparky,

    Thats useful info. Youve given me another avenue to explore.


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