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Thread: Hot Water

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    Hot Water

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    After reading sparkys quest for stabilizing temperature his Faema Family a few weeks ago :

    "The group head temperature cycles between about 91 and 96 deg C and responds to the heating element switching within a few seconds. The weird thing is that the shot temperature seems to plummet; starting at a GH temp of about 93 deg C, the shot temp dropped quickly to about 88 deg C and fell to 84 deg C by the end of the shot (ristretto). Sure enough, the shot was sour. So this machine is designed to be operated near the top of the heating cycle.

    What this seems to indicate is that the machine is designed to mix the cold feed water with the hot boiler water, similar to a HX machine. This is unusual, as boiler machines are usually designed to keep the feed water and brew water separate for as long as possible to maintain temperature stability."

    I was wondering, can this temperature be more stabilized by pre-boiling the feed water in a kettle and then filling the tank. Therefore the feed water is a closer temp to the boiler water when pulling the shot. I have been doing this on my faema family for the past few weeks and found that the temperature has remained fairly stable, without the thermostat kicking in during shots. (I dont have a thermocouple so I cant be definitive).

    This pre-boiling feed water concept applies to any other domestic machine that mixes feed and boiler water. Does anyone have any thoughts on the effectiveness of this idea?

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    Re: Hot Water

    I had the same thoughts only last week while I was refiliing Silvias tank. I wondered if having the tank heated up to say 60 deg would help stability. I thought it would be fairly easy to install an element in the tank. I wasnt arsed following it up any further as Im fairly happy with Silvias stability and dont have the time or the ability to tinker with serious tronics. Plus I would be concerned about the effects of heated water on the tank and feed tube plastic. I guess a metallic tank would need to be installed for long life.

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    Re: Hot Water


    You guys might need to be a bit careful about feeding pre-heated water (60 degC stated) through the normally cold circuit of the system. The plastic reservoir might be adversely affected, as might various non-metallic components of the pump and the OPV. Better check with the manufacturers first to play it safe :o,


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    Re: Hot Water

    what about doing some extra plumbing? Ive seen some machines where the line from the pump to the boiler (brass line) does a few laps around the boiler first. Or how about running the inlet line through the boiler as a sort of heat exchange?

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    Re: Hot Water

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    I tried this on my Gaggia Classic. At 50 C the pump sound was noticeably different. Its not specced for pumping hot water. So I stopped it. It did help in the case of the Classic though. SO preheating should alos help in the Family. I have a thermoblock preheater fitted and it works well.



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