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Thread: Boiler lagging (insulation) aftermarket mod

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    Boiler lagging (insulation) aftermarket mod

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    I have a 2 group machine plumbed-in for family use and it is a fabulous thing!
    At present I have a 15amp timer in use so that my machine is raring to go when I wake up...and again when I arrive home...and that is a really worthwhile add-on.

    In the interests of quicker warmup times and reduced power consumption for perhaps 24/7 usage, I was considering lagging (insulating) the 13 litre boiler.
    This was mentioned in an old Coffeesnobs thread.

    *I was wondering if anyone knows about this process and whether it is a good idea or not.
    *How efficient does it make the heating process and the retaining of heat?
    *What is the most efficient and safest material to use? (I realise that the cups on the top of the beast would no longer be pre-heated.)
    Come on fellow Coffeesnobs...what can you tell me about boilerlagging?


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    Re: Boiler lagging (insulation) aftermarket mod

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    Hi Paolo,

    I think quite a few people have tried this with various machines over time as Ive been monitoring I think there is a bit of info around re: "How-to" also with links from CoffeeGeek. The preferred insulation is high density mineral fibre(Also called ceramic fibre I think) as this is a lot less bulky than Glass-wool, etc. Where you get it from, Im not too sure but I suppose you could try companies who manufacture small kilns and boilers for Labs, etc...... like these- and/or these-

    All the best,

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