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Thread: La Marzocco double basket for Silvia

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    La Marzocco double basket for Silvia

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    Hi guys,

    First post, so apologies if Im dredging up an old question.

    Ive just got my setup which is a Silvia V3 with PID and a Compak K3 touch. Im loving it so far.

    Ive been doing a lot of reading where people say that the La Marzocco baskets are way superior to the Rancillio baskets. I was just wondering on what the consensus is here?

    Also, Ive been doing a bit of Googling to find suppliers; Im in the North Shores in Sydney so this looks convinient - Im just wondering if this is the real deal?

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    Re: La Marzocco double basket for Silvia

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    Hi Simon and welcome,

    Ste sponsor Coffeeparts can assist.

    Alternately LM is available from 9Bar Espresso Services and the much loved Synesso baskets can be purchased from Pullman Espresso.

    Many sponsors sell good double baskets, any of which will do the job well. The key factor is that they are all deeper than the Rancilio basket which is just too shallow.

    Good luck


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