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Thread: Gaggia Classic Death

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    Gaggia Classic Death

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    Hi Everyone, im a bit new to the site. Our Gaggia Classic has died after 8 years and 1 repair and looking at updating. We have a least 2 to 3 coffees a day, budget is around the $2000 i have found a Diadema Junior Elect second hand and also considering a new Rancilio Silva V3.

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    Re: Gaggia Classic Death

    If that is 2-3 coffees each, and with milk, then the Diadema.
    What do you use to grind?


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    Re: Gaggia Classic Death

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    Hey Greg, thanks for that. Yeah 2-3 each with milk.Currently we are using a Gaggia Mill (Adjustable Grind) does the job on a level but love our coffee and just want to enjoy it even more.


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