I just wanted to publically thank one of the forum sponsors, Bernard at Bombora Coffee & Water Supplies, for his assistance, patience and generosity.

After the big spend on the machine water filtration was something I knew I needed to consider fairly quickly as to not damage the machine through scale build up. Not long after getting my new machine in Victoria we moved to the state of bad water (South Australia) at which point I knew we needed to filter water to drink and protect the machine.

Now to the excellent service by Bernard. First up we moved into a rental which had water filtration but I wasnít sure if it was up to the job. After taking a few photos I emailed Bernard the details of the setup to see what he would recommend. To his credit he advised that the system was proprietary and the filers needed to be replaced by the one local company. As Bernard was aware that it was a rental he suggested that the quote from another company to replace the filters was reasonable and that he could supply an inline softening filter to work in combination with the exiting filters instead of the cost of replacing it all. The softening filter was sent with some additional hose to make it all work with the existing setup.

As it turns out there were some issues with Australia Post delivering to my office but Bernard was kind enough to answer my email and my calls to sort it out and it was tracked down and delivered.

Not long after fixing the system at the rental we then purchased a property, again with an existing filter system. After moving in I again took some photos of what I had and asked Bernard what I could do. After plenty of communication trying to put together a system whilst retaining as much of the exiting as possible Bernard dispatched a twin filer set and some other bits and pieces I was after.

Unfortunately the filters didnít quite fit with the existing twin system housing which was my fault as I didnít provide enough details to Bernard. A few emails later and Bernard had put together a few options for me as well as costs. The new filter housing was dispatched. The Australia Post gremlin attacked again and again with the assistance of Bernard we tracked it down and it is now fully installed.

So I am sorry for such a long post but I thought it important to outline how much effort that Bernard has put in for a very small sale. Obviously it is difficult to try and work with existing components but Bernard was very helpful and spent a lot of time trying to work out my best options, even if they were cheaper resulting in a smaller sale.

In summary:
  • If you need water filtration donít hesitate to contact Bombora as it quite cost effective and can protect your machine.
    When we add the extension and new kitchen I may just get a brand new system and just use my new dual filter system in the bathroom!.
    I need to talk to Australia Post about deliveries to my office.

Thanks again for your help Bernard. I am sure you donít need many more customers like me but with any luck other Coffee Snobs may be able to use your services and will be easier to handle.


Aka Michael.