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Thread: Silvia replacement?

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    Silvia replacement?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi yall

    Its time to get another coffeemachine. Already done the Silvia Rocky thing.
    I dont really want another Silvia. Tho its a damn fine coffeemachine its a bit painful if you have a few guests. Then again I really dont want to spend $2 or 3000 either for a Giotto or the like.

    Might get a Rocky Doserless again as that grinder is brilliant. IMHO the doser is pretty much a gimmic in the home situation if you are only going to grind what you need.

    So Im open to suggestions b4 i fork out my hard earned $$$ and dive back into a life drenched in caffeine. ;)

    What works well for you guys? or What would you buy again if your current one got pinched, why and how much did it cost you?

    Thanks for ya help


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    Re: Silva replacement?

    How about an Expobar Office Semi-auto or office leva? Probably the best value v performance HX machine....


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    Re: Silva replacement?

    Dosers are just a matter of getting used to them. Having borrowed a bunch of mazzers for home, Ive got to say that, on the silvia, they are definitely superior to the rocky. I find that I often want to be between steps on the Rocky and the Rocky DL makes a lot more mess than the dosered mazzers because the static makes bits of coffee bounce all over the place. I dont find dosers that much of a problem ... but that could come from doing the grind on demand thing in cafes. But there is no way that I would buy a dosered Rocky - the vanes dont even seem to scrape the bottom of the chamber.

    Id agree with Chris that the Expobar Pulser is really good value. There are two potential problems with them; the group head running massively hot (ie. manufacturer didnt put thermosyphon restrictors in) and the brew pressure being set too high. Im sure that you, of all people, would buy from a site sponsor, who would check this for you to save you the hassle. Chris, for example, was telling me the other day that he had just bought a pf-mounted gauge for this very purpose.

    Im not sure what Id buy if my current setup was pinched. Without the ability to sell them, Id probably get by on whatever was the most convenient and the cheapest. Id probably pick up an Iberital Challenge grinder and either an Expobar Pulser or maybe a Sunbeam 6900. I tend to drink milk-based drinks at home and espresso at the various cafes and roasteries that I get around to, though ...

    Hope that helps,


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    Re: Silva replacement?

    Thanks guys

    ill look at the expobar.

    The DL Rocky is a messy beast *but i can live with that.

    The Sunbeam is *6900 interesting. Had a half respectable shot out of one made from stale coffee at Myers. Fresh home roast would certainly help.

    The filter baskets on the thing are HUGE (deep) and by all accounts the PF handle will fit the 58mm double Rancilio basket. So that would be an option. i prefered the flavour out of the standard Rancilio to that of the LMZ basket. (I actually managed a blind test on it to prove a point to me anyway. Rae changed the basket and didnt tell me *the shot with the rancilio basket was the best I had had since fitting the LMZ. Sold it on ebay for a healthy profit)

    Ive read elseware the double basket supplied is a quad shot handy I guess for making 2 doubles at a time for guests. If there is a difference *in flavour if they are not Coffeesnobs they wont know the difference. It would still be better than 99% of cafes out there.

    What ever one I get Ill get an extra PF handle and make it crotchless. Drilling out a Stainless handle could be fun. :D

    Cheers Rich

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    Re: Silva replacement?

    Be careful with the EM6900. As the reports come in, it seems they are only just adequate for steaming and there have been many reports of various failures. The most common seems to be the group seal disintegrating.

    Ill note that Sunbeam seem to be working like mad to rectify these teething problems, and their warranty seems excellent and extends to machine replacement. However, warranty repairs usually mean many weeks of down time....

    I think the machine will be great once the bugs are ironed out.

    As for dosers vs doserless. A mate has the Rocky doserless and is quite frustrated with the clumping of the grounds causing uneven extractions. Hes resorted to grinding into a cup to break up the lumps. On the contrary, my Cimbali doser seems to break up the lumps pretty well giving me very nice even extractions with little effort. I dont think Id go doserless.

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    Re: Silva replacement?

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Thanks Food for thought.

    Never had that clumping problem with my DL Rocky and I can live with the mess. Id rather a bit of mess than clean out the doser after every shot like I saw one guy do.

    I think the EM6900 V2 iwll be a very interesting beast. Its a shame Sunbeam arent more international. They are also a pain to buy stuff off coz if you are not a Myre or harvey norman they dont want to know. I wanted to sell some of thier knock boxes (Bang Bang) which are brilliant. IMHO the best designed knockbox for the home. If you have the room they are cast aluminium and all the business bits are rubber so you dont damage anything.

    What ever brand machine I end up with ill definately get a bang bang :)

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