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Thread: Back-flushing with blind filter or rubber disc?

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    Back-flushing with blind filter or rubber disc?

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    Hi all, I have been reading various items it this forum for some time now, kind of like a sponge. But now have a question.

    I have been reading about back-flushing and the benefits of doing so. But I have read in numerous places of people using rubber discs instead of blind filters. Is there are reason for this (other than price)? I suspect that the blind filter would be less forgiving, but if I follow the instructions on the bottle of back-flushing solution all should be fine? Hopefully :-/ ?

    Thanks... Btw. I have a Gaggia Classic

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    Re: Back-flushing with blind filter or rubber disc?

    Welcome to CS jase.

    Both work just fine and it doesnt matter which you might use (rubber disc or metal blind filter).

    Yes follow the instructions and MAKE SURE you flush effectively with clean water (and re season the group by making and discarding a couple of coffees) at the end so there is no detergent residue to upset your delicate taste buds when sampling your next coffees *;)

    Dont forget to do "the jiggle" before doing the backflushing.

    If your machine is not relatively new and it has never been back flushed, it would be better to physically remove the shower and clean in there by hand before backflushing with detergent......otherwise you may be at it for a considerable time. Cleaning in behind the shower first will in that case make back flushing an easier quicker job.

    Of course, when doing anything "physical" with your coffee machine dont forget to first pull the plug right out of the electrical socket. Did I say FIRST ;)

    I was just down your way on Friday.....flew out just in time.....

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    Re: Back-flushing with blind filter or rubber disc?

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    Thanks muchly Fresh_Coffee

    Was planning on giving the machine a good clean this weekend. Removing shower screen and its holder underneath as well as replacing the group head seal as there is a small amount of leakage in this region.

    Yes the plug will be removed prior. The good thing about the classic is that you have to remove to cord prior to laying it on its back. But I guess common sense is not that common anymore *;)

    Thanks again

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