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Thread: Saeco possesed after de-scaling

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    Saeco possesed after de-scaling

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    Looking for some advice on my Saeco Via Vanezia. *Its about 7 weeks old and has been working perfectly until I descaled it two days ago. I even got to the stage where I thought I was getting OK at texturing the milk. *Anyway I descaled it as per the instructions on the bottle they sold me with the machine and ever since then its been playing up.

    The steam wand now dribbles when you pull the shot - it never used to - not a drop. *When you try to steam the milk, the steam jet is all over the place - little spits and spurts where it used to be a nice clean jet of steam. *The milk ends up looking like dish water bubbles. Intermittently the shot will sputter and stop the start again.

    Ive flushed it another two times with clean water, but its still carrying on like a second hand lawn mower.

    I rang Harvey Norman where I bought it from and they were as useful as a chocolate tea pot so any tips would be helpful.

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    Re: Saeco possesed after de-scaling

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    Firstly, 7 weeks seems a bit too soon to be descaling the boiler unless it is an Aluminum boiler and you have very poor water quality....

    However, I once had a similar problem with my Silvia after the first descaling. (Machine was bought 2nd hand and had been sitting unused for some time so possibly more scale than normal for its age).
    Some scale that was removed from the boiler had got into the 3 way valve and partially jammed it, which in turn upset all the other functionality. In Silvias case it was relatively simple to remove the valve, disassemble and clean it out. Have not had the problem since.

    Now in the case of Silvia there was/is illustrated how to remove/clean your 3 way valve on the net.
    Regret I cant tell you much about the Saeco arrangement, but if it has easily removable 3 way valve then a competent person could manage it in half hour or so.

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