I had a leak last night (as it were):

I got up at 1:30am and went down to the kitchen and while I was there I heard an unusual noise. *I then noticed that there was some water on the kitchen floor. *I thought, oh, it must be a leak in the water filtration system. *I have a dual cartridge sediment/carbon and polyphosphate cartridge system for filtered water for drinking and of course to my beloved Bezzera BZ-40P.

I thought initially that it was a line that had come loose but it turned out that it was a fault in one of the plastic cartridge containers which has cracked at the bottom. *I was quite surprised.

Anyway, H20 Only in Frobisher street Osbourne Park werent open but I talked to the manager. *Even though my unit was slightly out of warranty, he delivered a new system to my door today!

Nice, one to H2O only in Osbourne Park.

Sometimes people ask me about filtration systems. *H2O only do these dual cartridge systems which are really the best filtration systems money can buy for only $330 and that includes someone coming out and installing it, complete with a stainless steel tap fitted into your sink (they drill a hole for it).

We hear bad things about suppliers doing the wrong thing so I like to balance it when the right thing is done. *In this case beyond the call of duty.



PS. The new cartridges are from a different supplier and look better built and with a better sealing system so I dont expect ANY more problems like that.