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Thread: Water debit?

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    Water debit?

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    Hi All,

    This may sound like a silly question, but to program an auto 2 group machine is there a standard water debit? i.e 100ml -30sec (without the portafilter and coffee) = 25ml double. I think i read about this some where. Thanks

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    Re: Water debit?

    Just to avoid confusion, my understanding is that water debit is how much water is pumped out in a given time with no resistance (ie. coffee) and is important for diagnosing pump issues. Youre looking for ballpark 100mL in 10 seconds.

    I think that if you program the volumetrics to do a double shot, youre looking for 75mL or so, which should give you 60mL in the cup with the rest absorbed in the double puck. Should be the same volume regardless of how many groups your machine has. If you set it without coffee in place, the water should come out way faster than the time for an espresso, though ...

    I hope that helps ... or have I just confused us both?!



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    Re: Water debit?

    This depends entirely upon machine, brand, model, condition, age, type of coffee used, grind, dose, etc etc etc.

    Therefore, the only way to get accuracy in setting the volumetric pour, is to do it WITH fresh grinds in the group handle, FOR EACH BUTTON to be programmed.

    The rest is academic and therefore not terribly relevant in real life.

    Ah and depending on the type of machine, you might be able to programme both touch pads from the left. Saves time! ie, programme the left touch pad first then see if the one on the RHS has memorised the same settings you just programmed in the left. Some do, some dont.


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    Re: Water debit?

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    Thank-you Luca and FC.

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