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Thread: Source for 6.00mm copper or PTFE/teflon hose

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    Source for 6.00mm copper or PTFE/teflon hose

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    Hi all,

    I need a 70mm length of pipe/tubing to replace the pump to boiler hose on my Imat Junior Mk I. The original hose was PTFE/Teflon, either 6.00mm or 6.35mm. The plumbing shops only appear to stock 6.35mm copper pipe, which is too big for the compression fitting caps, and I cant find a source for PTFE/teflon. Any suggestions? Id happily swap any appropriate off cuts for a ~300mm x 6mm section of copper.


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    Re: Source for 6.00mm copper or PTFE/teflon hose

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    They definitely have what youre looking for 8-)


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