I bought a couple of months back a second-hand Pavoni Professional lever machine. Ive blithely assumed this was the older model, not the one with updated specs, but now Im wondering just which model I have.
Some guides are: the on-off switch is behind an orange-hued cover, not green.
The inner diameter of the filter basket is around 53 mm. The internal screen seems to be about 48mm. And the external measurement of the bottom of the group gives a diameter of approx 71 mm.

Ive seen in an earlier thread on the alt.coffee forum mention this detail of new versus old
Filter holder 59.5 mm up from 57.5 mm
Upper zone of group 60 mm up from 50 mm
Internal Screen 50.5mm up from 48.3
Filter basket 53.5mm up from 48.3

Some of these measurements seem meaningless -- eg just where are they measuring the filter holder from?
In any case, I seem to have measurements that relate to both the new specs (filter basket) and old (internal screen).
Can someone in the group tell me from this info just which model I have? I guess the external diameter of the base of the group may be the definitive clue....