Hey all, Im just in the process of restoring a Rancilio, and I thought Id drop by the forums for a little advice. Im currently waiting on a few more parts before putting the machine back together, and Ive finally finished cleaning out the boiler. My problem is that the boiler had such a massive amount of scale in it that its taken several weeks to remove and clean up, in the process some of the worst areas are "back to the brass" where the chrome has come off with the scale. Im just debating on whether to get the boiler re-chromed before I think about re-assembling the whole thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

I can post a few pictures for those curious to see it. Once this ones done I need to start cleaning up a 3grp CMA WEGA I just got my hands on ;D 3x E61 group heads look pretty nice!

Ben Ipkendanz