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Thread: Steam tips: From training wheels to full turbo

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    Steam tips: From training wheels to full turbo

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    Like a few people on these forums, I had trouble with a 4 hole steam tip and opted for a 2 hole replacement. This worked great. I got a couple to try. One was a gold pro tip from the US and the other was a Diadema tip from FC. The gold pro tip was far too slow, so it got misplaced and god knows where it is now. The Diadema tip worked well and I was making acceptable microfoam soon enough. It wasnt too fast and wasnt too slow, but just right.

    However, after a mate vistited a local roasterie and chatted with the head barista and watched Luke prepare the milk (Luke is a master at Latte art), he came back with tales of foaming milk in 6-8 seconds....

    Well back on with the 4 hole tip. At first it was a disaster, but after upping the pressurestat more and more, I finally got to jet exhaust type power and whipping the milk into a frenzy in less than 8 sec. I gotta say, that once youre doing 8 sec milk, you dont want to go back.

    The 4 hole tip is a keeper. Its like changing from a VW to a Porsche. Fast.

    I reckon FC will have a bit of a chuckle when he reads this, because hes seen it all before. * ;)
    But hey, I had to learn the hard way: Some toothpicks and a couple of steam tips later ::)



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    Re: Steam tips: From training wheels to full turbo

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    and Ive heard that one of the trade offs of using slower tips is that some of the sweetness in the milk is lost, comapred to milk heated up quickly. So while you get the texture, you dont quite get all the sweetness.

    wanna do a taste experiment for us?

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