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Thread: Backflush cleaning detergent advice............please.....

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    Backflush cleaning detergent advice............please.....

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    Hi guys,
    has anyone used "Clean express" backflush detergent?

    I bought some, but cant seem to find any notation on the packaging about it conforming to the NSF protocols so that it is safe to use and wont damage or corrode the soft metals in an espresso machine. The container doesnt have any notation about the active ingredients on it anywhere, so I dont know whats in it.

    Having stated that, I have an old container of "Cafetto Espresso clean", and that has not notation about being NSF safe, yet the latest containers show it as being compliant. The active ingredient is still the same, 25% Sodium Percarbonate. So, it might just be a formaility about getting the product certified.

    Has anyone used this product? Any comments on it? Anyone had any experience with it?


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    Re: Backflush cleaning detergent advice............please.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 695858444D280 link=1308199863/0#0 date=1308199863
    I have an old container of "Cafetto Espresso clean", and that has not notation about being NSF safe
    Will this do Apple....

    Ascor Clean Express doesnt seem to be an Australian made product, why not go with Cafetto?.... :-?


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