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Thread: Importance of servicing your machine

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    Importance of servicing your machine

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    I know this is probably preaching to the converted to a large degree, but I wanted to share the recent servicing experience for my machine.

    I have had my Expobar for nearly 5 years now and whilst I pride myself on doing regular cleaing, descaling and minor repairs, I have never had it in for a proper service.

    Over the last 3 weeks, a few little niggling issues appeared. A very small leak from somewhere, a loss in the pressure when I released the lever and a bit more water than usual seemed to be making it into the drip tray.

    I figured it could be a number of things, but felt it best to take it to a professional.

    The issues were all pretty much just age related apart from a pressure stat. The end result was that I was without my machine for a day, the machine I got back is operating magnificently (and reminds me of when brand new) and it all cost under $200. They also refreshed the wiring as there was some heat effect evident. They did not charge me for that part!

    If anyone out there is unsure about getting their machine serviced every now and then, I say its a must to keep your coffee investment in good operating order.

    I know Ill be dropping mine in for its next service well before I clock up another 5 years!


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    Re: Importance of servicing your machine

    Thats good advice, its better to pay for an occasional service rather than a huge repair bill.

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    Re: Importance of servicing your machine

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    I agree, excellent advice.... [smiley=tekst-toppie.gif]

    For we non-employed electro/mechanical technical types (with plenty of time on our hands), servicing is an opportunity to learn more about ones hardware and fill in a few hours here and there. Anyone not in this position should definitely follow "fatboys" recommendation.... 8-)


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