Hi guys, i just gota tell you that Marcello from Euroespresso Machine Co in Parramata is just the greatest. Heres me restoring an very early La Pavoni and in need of seals gauge glass and the like and messing with all sorts of manufactures etc etc when thanks to (Mal) me thinks it was, recomended to go to Euroespresso.

Marcello doesnt much like the email but is bloody fantastic on the phone full of help and advice and included a complete spare parts list with my order. He went out of his way to find out just what I needed and made some suggestions and then took my Master Card number and 3 days later they appeared in my mail box. Included in the kit was a wee container of special grease. Two lots. One for the seals and the other for the leaver pivot roller. Just a very nice touch. I have to do some work on the boiler shell but then its just a big clean and a polish and i cannot wait to get it going. This machine has all that is necessary to make a great brew all one has to do is develop the technique.

So lots of fun coming my way.

We should have a La Pavoni corner here on Coffee Snobs! the best of the best no less. Ha! Ha! Ha! Now lets see what feeds of that statement.

Enjoy your brew

So if you are looking for La Pavnoi parts give Marcello a call on 02 9560 7000