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Thread: Gear knob coffee tamper

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    Gear knob coffee tamper

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    Howdy, thought I might post up my new coffee tamper. Have since polished the sides and smoothed the base a little to take the machining marks off.

    I had a normal store bought tamper with a convex base. It was ok but a little light for my liking. I also wanted to try a flat tamper to see if there was any difference I could notice.

    Since I was putting a fresh factory gearknob onto my Supra I decided the one being replaced wasnt all that bad and would make a neat handle for a tamp. Throw in an engineering friend, some stainless steel and in the end you get this:

    Compared to my store bought 250gm tamper, this one weighs in a tad over 600gms, is super comfortable to use and the weight means it tamps really nicely with little effort. Very happy with it in the end plus it also fits my basket a lot tighter and doesnt have the sloppy fit the store one does.

    Machine is a Domobar JR in case anyone was wondering

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    Re: Gear knob coffee tamper

    Nice piece of kit there PO!

    Java "Loves a good fabrication!" phile

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    Re: Gear knob coffee tamper

    Maybe the next one is made of carbon fibre !!

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    Re: Gear knob coffee tamper

    That is awesome!! Do you find you get a better pour if you short shift? ;D

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    Re: Gear knob coffee tamper

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    Carbon would be quite a mission but possible...interesting. I would have to wrap a metal puck I think to give it the weight I require. Unfortunately too many carbon projects on the go at the moment and not enough being completed.

    Thanks for the kind comments, artman, yours reminds me of the Lamborghini pod machine I have drooled over for years just never really justified the cash outlay for it.

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