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Thread: After Coffee machine

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    After Coffee machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all.

    Im about to buy a Coffee machine, at the moment I have an Espresso machine and a drip filter coffee machine. The Espresso machine only gets used once every blue moon to make Lattes, just too much hassle.

    I use my plunger daily and like my coffee strong..

    I need a coffee machine with a timer that can have my coffee ready, hot and fresh every morning. Espressos or ultimate quality coffee dont interest me, just something that does the job and makes me a mug of coffee every morning..

    Im looking to spend maximum of $1000, absolute maximum. Although I suspect with my miniscule needs, this is probably overkill..

    So just to recap, I need something with a timer that makes nice strong coffee (that goes in a mug)..


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    Re: After Coffee machine

    IMHO stick with a plunger.

    Put a timer switch on your jug and have it boiling when you wake up. 3 mins and your done.

    Youd probably be wasting you time on anything else especially when considering your message.

    Plungers are fine, you want good espresso it will require work, alternatively you could investigate the nespresso machines, they are made for people in your position.

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    Re: After Coffee machine

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Yep, I agree with LH.....

    Dont know of anything that will do what you ask. I spose an alternative to the straight French Press/Plunger would be the recently released Aeropress. This has been reported as producing a sweeter brew than a plunger and more akin to what Cold-press coffee tastes like. Takes about the same time as a plunger to use, just minutes.

    As with any method of preparing coffee with heated water, you must make sure that the water temperature does not exceed 96deg C (but dont allow to cool below 88deg C), as that will burn the coffee. A neat trick to get pretty close to this, is to heat your water to boiling in a kettle then remove from the heat and leave, start grinding your beans and empty into the plunger or Aeropress, then pour the water over the grounds. Ive tried this method quite a few times and have never recorded a temp over 96 as yet :).

    Regardless of what method you want use to make your morning coffee, the most important criteria are, that you use freshly roasted coffee either roasted at home or purchased from a local specialist roaster, and that you use a quality grinder to grind the coffee you need just before brewing. That way, you will always get the best possible from the beans and the best brew in the cup, the rest is up to you. All the best,


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