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Thread: Help desperately needed, please!

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    Help desperately needed, please!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,
    I think Ive read all that my brain can cope with about coffee machines over the past week and dont really feel as though I am any further ahead :-?
    I started off thinking of getting a Breville as my friend likes hers *:-/ - looked in to it further and liked the sound of the Imat Makita. Decided that was perhaps a bit too pricey for my one or two caps a day habit...... then moved on to liking the Sunbeam EM6900 if I can find it cheap enough, However have now just stumbled across the Saeco Magic on special for $299. Any thoughts on the Saeco..... or should I save a few more dollars and step up to the Sunbeam EM6900 * OR the Imat Makita?
    I would really appreciate some experienced opinions on this, as your feedback will be my deciding factor.
    Thanks in advance,

    Edited to add: Scrap the Saeco (I think). Have just seen it is aluminium which erodes? Think I might call it a night with the machine study, they are all blurring in to one..... :P

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    Re: Help desperately needed, please!

    Hey bewildered, welcome to coffeesnobs!

    I know the feeling - last year I was upgrade shopping. I had a $2000 budget for a new machine and grinder (trust me, budget for a grinder), which would have to last for a very very long time. Was it going to be an expobar office pulser, or the expobar office leva? Or a Nuova Simonelli Oscar? Or an Isomac Zaffiro? Or ... and what about grinders? A Rancilio Rocky? Mazzer Mini? Macap?

    I had many sleepless nights.

    If I were you, Id save my pennies, and wait til the second generation Sunbeam em6900 comes out. It seems that the current 6900s are having some teething issues, which are all allegedly being sorted out for the next run of the machine.

    Use the waiting time to also save for a grinder. If you need coffee, buy a good grinder first (sunbeam em0480, nemox lux, rancilio rocky at the least) and get yourself some really fresh coffee and a good plunger. Fresh coffee rocks in a plunger! Tastes nothing like the dirty flavour from supermarket coffee.

    It was painful, but I waited for almost a year (ok, I had a crappy grinder and a clapped out old sunbeam machine) to save up the money, but when the new toys arrived, the long wait seemed like nothing.

    Wait and save!

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    Re: Help desperately needed, please!

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Great advice Mattyj [smiley=tekst-toppie.gif],

    And a bonny welcome to CoffeeSnobs [smiley=thumbsup.gif] to you Bewildered. What Mattyj says about grinders cant be over emphasised..... a good quality grinder is essential to being able to enjoy consistently high quality espressos, or any other method of brewing for that matter. If I was back in the same position as you are now, Id buy the best grinder I could afford from one of our superb site sponsors and then save the bickies for the Sunbeam or maybe something else altogether, again from one of our site sponsors.... They know their stuff and can swing some excellent deals for CS members.

    I dont use my espresso machine all the time, often use one of my Plungers instead just for a slightly different slant to the process and flavour :). So, depending on your budget, I wouldnt look at a grinder with a spec less than that of the Ibertal Challenge as a first grinder.... It is genuinely capable of being matched up to any espresso machine and producing excellent shots. Im not absolutely sure how much they go for these days but in the region of $250 or so, and that would be money well spent 8-). Take heed of those famous words uttered by the Master.... Patience Grasshopper......


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