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Thread: Cleaning.

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    Gday all.

    What is the best thing to use to get the brown stain out of the portafilter of my Gaggia Classic?



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    Re: Cleaning.

    Whats your location Jimbo? (you should add it to your profile). You can buy 500g or 1kg tubs from any place that specialises in servicing or selling espresso machines.

    If you just want a few teaspoons worth, perhaps drop into your friendly local cafe and ask nicely?

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    Re: Cleaning.

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    Hi Jimbo,

    I would also suggest, if you arent already doing it,
    to flush the filter and filter holder with hot water from the tap as soon as you can after you finish using the machine.

    The cleaner that rice suggested will get the stain out and regular flushing will minimise any future buildup.


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