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Thread: DeLonghi EC330S, is it any good?

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    DeLonghi EC330S, is it any good?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    I am looking at getting an espresso machine and I can get a DeLonghi EC330S for "free" using my credit card points. Does anybody know if it is any good or am I better off buying a different one? Im only looking at spending a couple of hundred dollars max and I dont need anything fancy etc, just enough to do espressos.

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    Re: DeLonghi EC330S, is it any good?

    Hey Steve,

    I cant say Ive got any personal experience with the DeLonghi you mention.

    I cant say Ive had much experience with machines in the category youre talking about either - but I can tell you now, if you drink espresso, then to get the best out of ANY machine youre going to need to spend a minimum of $170 on a grinder (that price being what many folks here are paying for the Sunbeam Cafe Series EM0480 grinder at Good Guys etc). You just cannot get away without a grinder, and this seems about the cheapest reliable (from a consistency of grind perspective) grinder on the market.

    So if your budget is only a couple of hundred dollars, I think youre kind of stuck. In that case, something thats "free" will help keep the budget on track, but will you get reliable quality espresso?

    And of course, the quality of the espresso is only as good as the combination of 4 things - the grinder, the espresso machine, the BEANS (freshness in particular), and the skill of the barista, you.

    Many people find an acceptable quality of machine in the ~$500-$750 category, and names like Silvia come to mind. Theres even a duo of EM0480 and Silvia for sale by another member here, perhaps check that out if the budget can stretch. I suspect a lot of others would suggest holding off, saving until you can afford a better machine.

    You could always look at it this way - buy a decent grinder, then get the "free" machine. Use that for as long as it lasts, or until you have saved for a machine. That way you havent outlayed anything for a machine that may not go the distance or be something that lasts long-term, and your grinder would still be ok if/when you do get upgradeitis.

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    Re: DeLonghi EC330S, is it any good?

    I think you might have a better run if you consider a toaster from them if in fact they make one. If what I saw come out of a tweaked top-end $1.5k superautomatic from their range, I wouldnt be getting my hopes up...

    You may well find that you get precisely what you paid for. Perhaps put those points to a weekend away?? ;)

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    Re: DeLonghi EC330S, is it any good?

    Thanks for the responses. I think Ill skip it and get a better machine once I have some more cash.
    The beans are hopefully fresh as Ive currently got the starter pack from here :-) Ill probably get a new grinder first. The one Ive got currently isnt that great.

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    Re: DeLonghi EC330S, is it any good?

    hey Steve,

    good call..

    I had a delonghi which i got as a present and it really wasnt that great if you are remotely serious about your coffee..

    If you want something decent in the lower consumer end price range I recommend checking out the Gaggia Classic, Nemox Fenice/Dell Opera -- also branded Imat or Quaha Junior or Napoletana

    The dell opera/napoletana come with built in grinder (a lux -- which is more than decent)

    I have a Nemox Dell Opera myself which iirc was around 800 bucks, which isnt bad if you consider it includes the grinder which would normally be another 200+ investment.

    Be wary of the Nemox though as their steam wands have those "froth enhancer" things which are not removable or able to be swapped out without some modding.

    Do a search on Gaggia Classic (I *think* they still make them) on the forums and i think there are quite a few happy users about.

    Another option is to see if you can pick up a second hand machine like a Rancilio Silvia, though they get snapped up very quickly because everyone agrees they are a superb machine for home coffee making.

    Im probably being a bit vague, but I hope it gives you a few names to check out and do some reading about.


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    Re: DeLonghi EC330S, is it any good?

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Well I ended up buying a sunbeam em480 grinder and Ill be saving up for good espresso machine. The grinder has already improved my coffee so Im happy with that for now.

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