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Thread: Jura Z5

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    Jura Z5

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hello everyone !

    Love the site and im hoping you guys can help.

    Im looking at putting in an auto machine in our office at work for staff and customer use.

    I demod the Z5 the other day and although i liked its performance and functions it left us a little dissapointed with its actual coffee making ability. It just seemd quite flavourless and dare I say not unlike a vending machine.

    For $3700.00 we were expecting a better coffee.

    Is this machine able to make a decent coffee ? could it have been the beans ? Not sure on brand but it was a local roasters and not a generic brand.

    Dont want to spend this much if it cant make a decent coffee.

    Should i try and get another demo and try different coffee or settings or is there better options out there ?

    It will be doing maybe 30 coffees a day and i was hoping to keep it simple for customer use.

    Any help would be great ! :)

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    Re: Jura Z5

    Hi beany and welcome to CS!

    Fresh_Coffee- Attilio of Cosmorex is our resident Jura dealer and specialist. Id suggest that you should chat to him about him because if anyone can get a great coffee out of a super-auto, he can ;).

    You will never get the qualiy of an expertly used machine, however you should be able to get a good cup...

    I suggest that you drop him a line...


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    Re: Jura Z5

    Thanks for the reply 2mcm.

    I actually ended up finding another place who had a demo machine in their shop so I went and gave it a drive.

    Pulled a good short black and Cappa. Full flavoured and quite acceptable so id say the demo was not set up right in the first place.

    Ill stop short of saying it was a great coffee seeing as though its a super auto.

    I think saying great coffee and super auto in the same sentance on this forum may get me banned I had a laugh ;D

    Good enough to look at it again.

    Cheers ! :)

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    Re: Jura Z5

    See the detailed reply in the other Australian coffee forum.


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    Re: Jura Z5

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    There are a number of settings on the Jura Z5 which will affect the taste allowing the Jura Z5 to be adjusted for personal taste. *The ones to play with are:

    Coffee brewing temperature: 3 available temperatures to match the bean roast.
    Coffee amount: The amount of coffee time that the grinder will run. *Time is proportional to coffee dose.
    Water amount: *The amount of water that will be passed thru the coffee puck.
    Grinder Adjustment: *Adjust the grind for the extraction.

    One good point about the Jura Z5 in the office is that the coffee amount and the water amount can be adjusted "on the fly" as each individual in the office will have their preferences. *The Z5 allows these to be changed on a per serve basis.

    Glad to hear you finally found a good brew.


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