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Thread: In-line resin water filters

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    In-line resin water filters

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    Im an newbie about to buy my first real espresso machine. I have read the water filter stickie, but it didnt really answer my question.

    Im doing a renovation with completely new kitchen and dont really want to set up a full water softener system just for the coffee machine. I just bought a reasonably expensive fridge with water filter/ice dispenser so for me another filter for dedicated drinking water is a waste of money/bench space.* The wife definitely doesnt want another tap on the sink.

    I also dont want to put a water softener in the fridge drinking water supply line, as I dont actually like the thought of taking out free calcium & magnesium from my drinking water. Not sure if it sounds irrational, but I do a lot of exercise and I see these electrolytes as beneficial, even if they do harm machines.

    I have seen the inline resin filters that Isomac machines use that can be fitted to other espresso machines. Theyre also pretty cheap, even if they need to be replaced/recharged periodically. Much cheaper than full Brita etc systems. I was hoping this might solve my problem.

    Will using an in-machine resin filter alone be effective in softening the water, or do I really need to get something external/under the sink?

    Any tips appreciated.

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    Re: Water filtration question water supplier is City West Water in Melbourne. They suggest the average total hardness is 30mg/L with a max of 50mg/L, which I understand is quite soft already.

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    Re: In-line resin water filters

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    My understanding is that the inline resin filters that go on the machines suction tube in the tank do a decent job in regard to prevention of scale build up, as long as they are recharged/replaced as required.

    If you want to install an under bench system (which you can also use for cooking, kettle etc), you can now get kitchen taps that incorporate a filtered water outlet, so you dont end up with 2 taps on the bench.


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