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Thread: help with isomac millenium please

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    help with isomac millenium please

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    hi all
    at work i use an isomac millenium with very mixed success

    now, im fairly used to e61 style machines, so i do the hx flush to get idling temp down and have fiddled with the pressurestat

    ive checked the brew temp with my thermocouple which has been a great diagnostic tool with the bezzera and ecm at home and on the isomac, even with boiler pressure at 1.4 or 1.5 (super high compared to the bezzeras happy 1.0) bars, the brew temp sits at no higher than 88 C, which is a bit on the sour side compared to what the other machines give at about 93 C

    so all in all the coffee, no matter which basket i use, (even bringing portafilters from home) is a bit too edgy (i dont mean strong- more unpleasant)

    not my machine, but its ok for me to adjust it

    any suggestions appreciated


    ps - i have backflushed and descaled so i dont think its that (chemical descale and backflush and good rinsing afterwards) also have descaled steam boiler after a clever work mate managed to sour the boiler by trying to steam using the hot water outlet, not rinsing and letting cooling boiler vacuum suck milk into boiler- man did that smell and taste good!

    pps - the pressurestat dead band is about 0.3 bars which seems way too high- is it an issue of using the small side pressurestat screw to decrease this?

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    Re: help with isomac millenium please

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    found what I think were the problems- the pressurestat responded to a very gentle turn of the deadband screw (the one off to the side, not central) bringing the dead band closer to 0.1 bar
    also I used lucas suggestion of leaving backflush detergent in the filter for 20 mins- but with the machine cold so as not to burn it on the showerscreen (which FC warned about)- I did this with a two teaspoon dose of detergent (not the usual one), then flushed out as per recommendations (ten sec flushes every 20 sec etc)

    this led to a hugely filthy drip tray- better there than under the showerscreen
    id tried this in the usual backflush fashion but hadnt shifted the muck to this extent

    now, i understand how the clean showerscreen could rid me of bitter flavours, but apart from the obvious pressure fluctuation of the boiler being narrower with a smaller dead band, im still not sure why the OVERALL brew temp is higher- 92/93 C

    long and short of it the machine, now working well is up for sale


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