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Thread: Steam Wands... Looking to upgrade.

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    Steam Wands... Looking to upgrade.

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    From what Ive read/seen there seems to be two basic valve/wand combos.

    One I refer to as the cheap combo (sorry, I only call it that because they seem to be on the cheaper variants) with an internal valve, front knob and the steam wand exiting the facia below the wand.

    The other I see as the exposed valve, wand coupling and knob.

    Typically Im seeing the exposed valve one as the one with cool touch options, swivel options etc. but is anyone aware of a cool touch/swivel combo available for the internal valve option?

    Id like a cool touch but I really dont want to rip out all the valve assembly.

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    Re: Steam Wands... Looking to upgrade.

    Gday AtomicGrog,

    The difference between a standard wand and a cool touch wand is generally a length of 5mm external and 3mm internal teflon tubing...

    Ill leave the rest to you!



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    Re: Steam Wands... Looking to upgrade.

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    Hmm interesting, is that what people have done? retrofitted an insulator.

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