Hi, Im a newbie coffee tosser, graduating from hobby machining, so Im hoping, with time, that I can provide some valuable input to this forum & not just be a parasite on it. :)

Id been looking online for a couple of days now, to find a decent way to remove the water dispersion block from the group head on my New (secondhand, non-working) Caramili Uno E espresso machine - I currently have it stripped down for soaking in descaler etc.

The machine looks like its growing barnacles in all the pipes, tank, valves etc & I think someone might have been storing their tar collection in the group head. So far, all valves, flow meter, a couple of pipes & the group head all had blockages (+ the pump motor could do with new bearings - at least the electronics works) - I have no doubt it will be worth all the work in the end.

Consequently, after removing the shower screen & the 2 machine screws holding the water dispersion block in place, I discovered that no tricks on the internet helped with removing the stuck water dispersion block.

Leverage didnt work, even after soaking overnight in cleaner. neither did tapping it in any direction - it was well & truly stuck. :(

My solution to the problem (after much thought), was, after shower screen & dispersion block machine screws were removed, find a 30+ mm long bolt of the same thread as the shower head screw. Screw the bolt in through the shower screen (central) hole - & just kept winding it in - eventually the bolt bottoms out above the dispersion block, in the roof of the group head & further winding just lifts the dispersion block out - No effort.

Soooo easy & absolutely no damage. Its the way Ill be doing it from now on.

Now this method may not work with all machines, but it works so well with the Carimali Uno E, that I thought Id pass it along. Hopefully saving other people all the frustration it caused me.

This is why I put it in this general section instead of the high end coffee tosser machine section. :)

BTW: if anyone has user & service manuals for th Carimali Uno E, Id be really appreciative of copies. Ditto any helpful advice regarding refurbishment.