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Thread: Silvia + Sunbeam Burr Grinder (EM400)

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    Silvia + Sunbeam Burr Grinder (EM400)

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    Hi Everyone

    Whilst waiting for my Rocky to turn up I am using the above Sunbeam grinder with my new Silvia.

    Does anyone have any grind settings that they currently use with this combo? Mine is at about 11/12 but this seems slightly coarse to me

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    Re: Silvia + Sunbeam Burr Grinder (EM400)

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    hi marxman- the answer is trial and error- every grinder even of the same brand is different- so are espresso machines
    even different blends and different daily humidities can make you adjust a notch either way- but its really not hard

    try finer if it seems too course
    25 sec of extraction should give you roughly 30 ml of espresso and nice crema- the trick is to not mind wasting a bit of coffee and not mind using a bit of time
    try to standardise on the amount of coffee in basket, time the extraction, mark a glass with 30 ml and change your settings a little at a time- if you keep these things constant it should be ok, but im not familiar with the fineness possible with that grinder- the silvia absolutely needs seriously good grinding and fresh beans

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