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Thread: Tamper recommendations?

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    Re: Tamper recommendations?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Well, I had the opportunity to give my barista tamper with matching synesso baskets a good work out over the past 2 days (400 cuppas).

    After some initial getting to know you I found the easiest way to use this tamper was to place it over the grinds and allow its weight to further settle the grinds. At that point, lifting it slighty and a light tap allowed any grinds on the sides to fall free and then the final tamp was super-easy and almost impossible not to get level.

    The whole process was very comfortable too - I like it...thanks Greg! :)

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    Re: Tamper recommendations?

    Dennis I use mine the same way.This is a fantastic product I dont know how Greg gets the finish so fine our machinist at work have trouble getting 6.4 finish.Im still getting use to how much pressure I need to put on the coffee.

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    Re: Tamper recommendations?

    Technique, sharp tools, a good lathe, good quality steel, and plenty of time and patience! Not rocket science but not something you can make a rush job of. It takes a while to get people to understand the required finish which is one of the many reasons it took an extra 12 months to get this unit into production (if you noticed there was a bit of a delay in getting it out... ::))

    Good to hear Den ;) Nothing I like more than to hear one of our tampers getting a workout and coming out on top!

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    Re: Tamper recommendations?

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    I called into Epic today and Corey showed me the new Pullman, very impressive Greg. Ive just ordered a PID for Miss Silvia so I cant afford one for a while!!

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