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Thread: Cunill Grinder and insulation the Diadema Junior

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    Cunill Grinder and insulation the Diadema Junior

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    Hi there, I was reading the thread "What to buy?" and decided to start this thread.

    I have a Diadema junior. Purchased it second hand, it is one reliable machine. Survived a fall from the bench with just cosmetic dents.

    Now just how do u insulate the boiler, and why would you do it?

    I have the Cunill grinder, and a thump or two frees up all the grounds. I have no issues with static. I would recommend it for the price it is selling at. Its good value for money.

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    Re: Cunill Grinder and insulation the Diadema Juni

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    Hi Thomas,

    Insulating the boiler will improve the efficiency of the boiler system and the stability of the water temperature. Since you cut down significantly on heating cycles, you will also use less energy than with a similar uninsulated boiler. If you dont already leave your machine running all day, this might cut the running costs down to an extent where you feel more inclined to do this.

    About the best material around, if you can get it, is high density mineral insulating wool, sometimes referred to as ceramic insulation. Im not sure where you would buy this from but perhaps a call to a couple of businesses who manufacture custom small boilers may be able to steer you in the right direction.

    How to insulate the boiler once youve obtained the insulation? There are a couple of threads on the CoffeeGeek Forum I think and if you do a search they will hopefully pop up. Basically though, I think if you want to do the job properly then you are going to have to strip your machine down and remove the boiler to facilitate easy and complete access. You will also have to leave access holes for any piping (obviously) and for any pressure safety relief valve exhausts if fitted.

    Once the boiler is insulated and operating, youll most likely notice a significant decrease in the temperature of the cup warming tray and if this is an issue, you might have to come up with an alternative method for warming your cups. Ill have a look around for you though and see if I can locate the articles and posts that I stumbled across a couple of months ago, and then post the links up back here.


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