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Thread: Silvia 3-way issues

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    Silvia 3-way issues

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    Miss Silvia has been playing up a bit lately and I have just sorted her out. I thought I would share my story in case it is useful for anyone else.

    Before I start, I am a deadset newbie to all of this so hopefully this makes sense to someone.


    Owned Silvia for about 4 weeks and have climbed the learning curve to be able to generally pull reasonable shots. Recently however, the consistency seemed to vary and problems were developing. :o


    Generally I run some water through the group prior to each shot basically to clean out the PF and make sure there is no cold water in the system. I noticed that the water flow rate was visibly all over the place. Key things were :-

    Water used to flow at about 80 mls/10s and was now between 50mls and a few drops (varied a bit)
    Still heaps of hot water via the steam wand so assumed pump was OK.
    Lots of water flowing back to the water tank on the shorter return hose after pressing brew switch.
    Had backflushed, cleaned as much as I could.
    Last straw when I was dying for a coffee, and could only get a few drops via the group, even with the shower screen off.


    After searching hi and low on the net I guessed that I might have an issue with the 3 way valve. I followed excellent instructions from this site for pulling it apart.
    Lo and behold I found a brass shaving lodged in the conical water inlet for the valve. I have a photo but not sure how to insert it here. Basically it is pretty much in line with what was found in the link above. If you need the photo, PM me and I can email it to you.

    I removed the shaving, reassembled Silvia, and she is back to brand new. Water gushing out of the group. Great coffee again :)


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    Re: Silvia 3-way issues

    Nice piece of detective work. Its good to be able to get under the hood and get your machine back running again. Good work.

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    Re: Silvia 3-way issues

    Mmm, funny how something so small can cause so much pain.

    Reminds me of my kidney stone...:)


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    Re: Silvia 3-way issues

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    In this case the stone couldnt be passed...Oh the agony! :(

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