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Thread: The future of coffee machines???

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    The future of coffee machines???

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    The real tech heads can be found at the home-barista forum. Some of the discussions get pretty far out. This is really going for it...

    Now where did I put that gas bottle and regulator???

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    Re: The future of coffee machines???

    An interesting theory and a very nice solution to the problem it posses. I like it. :D

    Boiler temp control is easy to obtain down to the tightest specs you could ever want for pretty reasonable prices now-a-days. The tough part is getting the whole grouphead to the precise temp you want and maintaining it. Itll be interesting to see their solution. :)

    If they solve the problem of grouphead temp and stability as nicely as they did the pressure problem it would be a sweet machine to have!

    Java "Watching the temps" phile

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    Re: The future of coffee machines???

    They could just use a hydraulic ram to operate a lever mechanism

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    Re: The future of coffee machines???

    re: ".....If they solve the problem of grouphead temp and stability as nicely as they did the pressure problem it would be a sweet machine to have!...."


    Well yes and no.

    You can continue to make machines easier and easier to MANAGE (as opposed to easier to *USE*) ...which is what I think these discussions are all about...but really, there are too many other human variables involved sush as that some (no, many) people just dont "get" espresso and if they are to be given an easy espresso machine to manage, there is a very strong case to give them an autometic espresso machine that actually does produce coffee that tastes and feels just like a commercial quality espresso.

    Some technophiles presumably get a kick out of managing a "raw" or "regular" commercial espresso machine to get the result they want, whilst

    Other technophiles are busy trying to design a machine that doesnt need them to manage it...that kinda takes the fun out of it dont it..and therefore my observatin above about designing an auto that delivers commercial quality brew....

    And ofcourse for the greatest part of the market which is that which just wants to get their capparcchino in any which way they can, the auto just described would be the ants pants.

    Isnt it great that were all individuals and have differing needs!

    Thing is, I have been told by certain manufacturers (yes personally), that whilst they could biuld autos that will duplicate the quality of a commercial brew from a regular espresso machine...that they Will Not do so...because their game plan does not take into account the killing off of their staple production of regular espresso machines by producing autos to do an equivalent job, with all the increased problems that will be associated from building much more "technical" and harder to repair equipment.
    In any case...this is all academic!

    Kaanage, I took your comment on hydraulic rams to have been written in jest however I can tell you that I have a protoype *automatic* espresso machine in my workshop at the moment that does in fact use a hydraulic ram to run the business inside! Its very simple and works a treat but the excecution of it all actually wastes a lot of water which at the moment just goes down the drain at the end of each cycle!


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    Re: The future of coffee machines???

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight

    Theyve certainly gone about identifying a realistic solution to the "problem" using a very divergent mode of problem solving, if you dont mind my saying. There are a number of much simpler and direct methods for eliminating or minimising the pressure effects he has identified by utilising any one of many hydraulic control solutions that are available.

    It really seems like a case of finding a complex solution when a simpler one goes begging. Then again, some people love complexity :P


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