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Thread: Nemox OPV adjustment

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    Nemox OPV adjustment

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    I recently bought my daughter a Nemox dellOpera.
    Im wondering about a few things:

    the grinder seems to need to be adjusted less than 2, because the espresso comes through at a rate of knots otherwise, blonding at about 15 secs.
    Now I compared the grinds I use on my two machines which require 1 step apart on the Cunill- they both like significantly coarser grinds to give the 30ml in 25 sec.

    Recently I did an OPV check on the botticelli and found it running at about 9 bars-
    question is, can the Nemox be adjusted- dont want to open it under warranty if Im just stuffing around? Its just that I wondered if its running over pressure.

    Also the Nemox seems to leak a bit around the filter if not push very hard to the right.

    Any help appreciated before I ring the supplier (The Beanery) which Id rather do after I get genuine in the field advice

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    Re: Nemox OPV adjustment

    Quote Originally Posted by telemaster link=1160040611/0#0 date=1160040611
    Also the Nemox seems to leak a bit around the filter if not push very hard to the right.
    Is the basket to full? Try with a bit less grounds in the basket and see if you still have to crank the portafilter on so hard.

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    Re: Nemox OPV adjustment

    Hi Brett,

    Further to our email discussion regarding this, I dont think the OPV can be adjusted on the Imat / Nemox machines. I reckon the leaking would be the group gasket IMHO. No commercial plug, but I presume youre using a decent tamper for the Nemox (know youve got one for the other machines) that does the lot in one tamp rather than the built-in undersized thing? If not youll get uneven packing and premature blonding as the water will pick the path of least resistance. Ive found switching from my original tamper to a good fit brings improved consistency and a need for a coarser grind (which in my case is about 2.25 to 3.25, depending on the blend, but I understand the numbers are pretty meaningless as a means of comparison between machines)


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    Re: Nemox OPV adjustment

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    Hi Brett,

    The non-adjustable OPV on the silvia can be tweaked:

    Note, though, that one really should check brew pressure before trying to do it. Also, that method of OPV adjustment can sometimes let a bit of water dribble out of the boiler.



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