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Thread: adjusting up pump pressure ECM a1 - rotary

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    adjusting up pump pressure ECM a1 - rotary

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    Dear Snobs,

    I am hoping someone can help with this.

    I am using an ECM a1 with a rotary pump, it is more or less same as the GIOTTO but with rotary pump, larger boiler etc.

    i need to lift the pump pressure, it has eased off to 8, i wish to bring it to 9.

    i have attatched the photo of the adjustment device inside the A1 (thanks for photo CG)

    i have already adjusted this as far as it goes and got it from 8 to 8.2 approx but a few months later its back to 8.

    Now from what i read a rotary may have some other adjustment tool somewhere besides the normal adjustment made inside a Giotto which is what ive done.

    There is also talk off adding a washer inside the fitting shown to give me more adjustment, but i want to check with some experts firsts.

    Does the rotary ECM A1 have some adjustment elsewhere on the motor, or do i add a washer ??

    I know the pump pressure is a point of order with some, and 8 suits some, but i find its a little low and my machine would like to try at least 9.

    any help appreciated as i know a few people here on snobs have either owned or used the A1,

    which i may add is a great machine.

    thanks all


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    Re: adjusting up pump pressure ECM a1 - rotary


    There are several ways of adjusting flow/pressure, potentially anyway.

    Most Procon rotary pumps have a screw adjustment on them near the output of the pump. It typically is quite a big screw and pretty obvious.

    The other way is via an orifice jet in the system somewhere.

    The other is a suppression valve assembly which is a dampening system come overpressure relief system.

    It may help to take the cover off the machine and see if the overpressure venting system is the limiting factor or not. If it is then you will see the water flowing into the tube into the drip tray. This would mean that you are getting the pressure at this point but it is being vented. If this is the case then you may need as you say a new spring or a washer to increase the pressure it will vent at.

    If it isnt venting through the overpressure system then check the flow rate which should be about 100mls/10 seconds or thereabouts. I would suggest then trying to increase the flowrate at the rotary pump as described above and then re check the flow rate and pressure and see if it is all OK.


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    Re: adjusting up pump pressure ECM a1 - rotary

    you are indeed getting flow / pressure / and "expansion" mixed up. They are not really related in the scheme of things and certainly not in this instance, even though they work "in relation to eachother" in the machine.

    check your PM.


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    Re: adjusting up pump pressure ECM a1 - rotary

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    I had to work on my machine over here in Perth, myself, but with some (quite a lot) help from Jack at Barazi, I figured it out.

    I ended up getting the right flow at the right pressure in the portafilter and it works just perfect now.

    I had to change the in line jet and the flowrate on the pump. As you say the flowrate adjustment changes the pressure also. I figured it out by going as far as I could with the pump before changing the jet size.

    My machine was a bit of a challenge but it is a great feeling when it all comes together and works. In some ways it is a better feeling than just getting it all handed to you working perfectly.

    Mind you FC, I can say this now as the hard work has been done.


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