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    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,

    Im seriously considering buying a 10 year old 2 group Carimali machine - by all accounts that I can find a decent piece of coffee brewerage..
    Anyone had any experience one way or another with these that they think I should know before taking the plunge (so to speak)?



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    Re: Carimali

    I have no experience with the Carimali or knowledge of the model lines but would assume its similar to other commercial machines which nearly all use very simlar components.

    Do you need a two group machine? They will use a lot more power and often require a 15 amp power source. It will take longer to heat up and heat your house up more! Do you know the boiler capacity and element ratings? Theres a reason they usually sell for less than the equivalent single group.

    Assuming its come out of a commercial environment has it been regularly serviced? Is it fully auto, personally Id prefer something as manual as possible as there is less to go wrong with expensive electrics

    If space and power are not a problem and you dont mind a bit of DIY and the price is right (Id factor in at leat $200 for parts if the history is unknown)then go for it. Any commercial machine in good nick should be capable of making great espresso, and lots of it. Restoring any machine can be very rewarding if somewhat frustrating at times.

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    Re: Carimali

    Carimali have been around for as long as Gaggia, Bezzera et al...I believe they were based in Milan.

    The automatics are well built, and very popular with mobile installations, ie coffee carts....

    Not a lot of info on the net, but you can see parts for them on most of the major spares sites...

    I take it you bought that one from Seaford... :)

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    Re: Carimali

    Thanks for the replies guys. Yep I took the plunge and bought the one from Seaford, it looks pretty clean and the guy selling it seemed genuine and reasonably knowledgable.
    As for needing a two group machine, Im not sure I could say I need a commercial machine at all :) but Ive always fancied having one for the extra capacity when entertaining, the ability to have single and double portafilters hot and ready to go on demand and of course the cool cafe look! ;)
    Yes it needs 15A - Ive not seen a commercial 2-group that didnt - but part of my new kitchen is purpose designed to accomodate a commercial machines requirements. Ive not seen single groups generally going cheaper that I recall, but Ive certainly seen 3 and 4 group monsters pretty cheap!

    Youre right Stratford about the lack of info on the web, but at least from the coffee parts sites Ive gleaned enough to confirm that it is indeed volumetric and substantially identical to the current model Eco Lux.

    Now to get it fired up! :)


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    Re: Carimali

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight

    You will need to send us pictures of course. :)

    I plumbed in my Bezzera, no worries. I put in dual in line filters, one for sediment and then a carbon/polyphosphate one. I put a T in the drain from the dishwasher for it.

    Lovely having it plumbed in.

    Mine runs off a normal plug although it draws about 12A via its two 1400W elements. Its never caused a problem on the circuit in the house.


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