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Thread: How much power

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    How much power

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    Hoping you snobies can help,

    Ive got the Expobar minore and mazzer mini, and been asked to go out to some outback funcitions and serve coffees, But no power how big a genarator would i need to run both these machine, the Minore elements are 2000w and dont realy know about the mazzer, just thought it might be worth it for the practise and its for a good cause


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    Re: How much power

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    Gday Mark,
    youll need to know the total power rating of all of the devices so you can work out the size of the generator. *You can get this info from the plate on the machine, but from looking up a few sites, I think the Mazzer is 250 Watts (I may be wrong, not owning one *:( )
    Adding these two gives you a total power requirement of 2250 Watts. *Generators are sold by kVA, not Watts or KiloWatts (kW).
    Without boring you with the details of electricity 101, youll need a generator with the equivalent or higher kVA rating than the equipment power rating that you want to use, so at least a 2.5kVA (This will give you a bit of leeway.)
    Are you going to be running other equipment from it, like a fridge or lighting? *If so, youll have to take their power rating into effect as well and youll require a bigger generator.
    Hope this helps, and good luck with your endeavours.

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