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Thread: Jura, Which one???

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    Jura, Which one???

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    I was looking at buying a Jura machine but was wanting to know the difference between the e80 & e85. They both present with the same specs on the website except one is black and one is silver. The silver one is $1,895.00 and the black is $1,495.00. Does anyone know i fthe e80 superseded the e85. Cheers Aroev

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    Re: Jura, Which one???

    a) Same machine. The only real difference is colour.

    b) the importer here in Oz has stopped bringing in the E85 so you could say the E80 supersedes the E85 in a way.

    c) if you are definitely going to buy one of these my company can supply immediate delivery on the 80...sorry no more 85s. You can find us listed with the site sponsors at left of the page.


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    Re: Jura, Which one???

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    I think the E80 was introduced to get to a lower price point for retail consumers. *The E85 was/is still available in Europe but is priced so close to *the Jura Impressa F50 coffee machine that the E85 didnt make sense in Australia.

    One of the questions often asked on the E series is about the amount of coffee that goes into each shot. *The machine "times" the length of time for which the grinder will run based on the calibrated amount that the grinder will produce. *Ive listed the amounts on our website if anyone is interested. *Go to E80 Coffee Dose Amounts for info which is not listed in the manual.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards


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