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Thread: Convex vs Flat Base Tamper

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    Convex vs Flat Base Tamper

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    What are peoples opinions on the debate between a convex tamper (Euro and US convex) and Flat based tamper. My impression is that most people prefer a convex tamper!

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    Re: Convex vs Flat Base Tamper

    In terms of what shape:

    Many commercial machines have sligthly rounded showers, others have flat showers. Most domestic machines have flat showers.

    It should be safe to say then, that the profile of the tamper should be chosen to suit the machine!

    I do not like flat tampers, and all my commercial "toys" have sligthly rounded showers ergo, I really like tampers with that slightly rounded profile! ;)


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    Re: Convex vs Flat Base Tamper

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    I use both, and so far have no preference. The rounded tamper would allow more headroom for the showerscren bolthead (assuming it is not recessed into the screen). But what difference that may make I have not evaluated.

    A convex tamper should also limit friction between a heavily laden basket and screen, to the edge, so theoretically the portafilter should be locked with less resistance.


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