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Thread: "Antique" coffee machines

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    "Antique" coffee machines

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    I am seeking a 1950s espresso machine eg Gaggia or Faema for a friend. Does anyone know of any shops (esp Melbourne) or services that may have such? (Note - the machine needs to have been made in this era, not merely a modern day copy!)

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    Re: "Antique" coffee machines

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    Well ... not in Melbourne, and not 1950s, but I believe that John Doyle (pinot) had a few genuine e-61s that were restored by Enrico Maltoni, who runs Italys espresso machine museum. These machines are absolutely stunning and will out-perform any machine built previously. In fact, the original e-61 has a few features that I would just love to see on modern machines! Id get in touch with John; he may still have them.



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