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Thread: Espro Tamper vs Click - matt

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    Espro Tamper vs Click - matt

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    Espro Tamper vs Click-matt ... what would you choose? Id love to know *your thoughts.

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    Re: Espro Tamper vs Click - matt

    Seems like a good idea. I guess the question is, how much would it cost?

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    Re: Espro Tamper vs Click - matt

    I thought you were asking for my personal opinion, then I figured it out ;D. All this automatic clicking hoopla. Save yourself some $$$ and practice on the bathroom scales!

    Im sure a smart CSr could figure out how to make a home made constant-force tamp. It really just comes down to picking the right spring and matching it with a constant displacment of the tamp .... and then machining up a housing and figuring out a click mechansim - easy!

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    Re: Espro Tamper vs Click - matt

    You dont need any of an individual you only need to tamp consistently, for whatever pressure you are tamping at...and you set your grinder accordingly to give you the result you want in the cup, for your particular technque...which inlcudes your consistent tamping pressure.

    If you want to check what force you are tamping with, as the respondent above mentioned, use the scales. But that just tells you the figure you are tamping have to make that consistent in your technique.

    That said (written) however, I too like to acquire certain gadgets, and I quite like the clickety clackety thingo, just for what it is.

    Buy it because you like it & want it. Not because you "need" it. Lifes too short!


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    Re: Espro Tamper vs Click - matt

    Man, I love those Xpressivo guys, they come up with the coolest gadgets. But Im not liking the click matt idea at all, for three reasons:

    (a) Tamping with spouts touching a surface is usually a no-no; this is, apparently, a lot of the reason why people get grounds in the bottom of their coffee cups. Most pros that I know rest the pf on the edge of the table. (Might be less of an issue at home, where you are more likely to have a clean table)

    (b) Anything that adds height to a counter top usually makes stuff less ergonomic. (Depends on your bench height and your height, though)

    (c) One of the better uses for tamp mats is to rap your pf spouts against to settle the grounds, preserving your table ... so the mechanism had better be robust.

    ... but Im with FC; gadgets are cool - bring it on!



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    Re: Espro Tamper vs Click - matt

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Ill throw in a vote for the Espro tamper.
    I agree that it is important to get a constant technique happening, with one part of the technique being the weight of the tamp.
    I dont have the oppurtunity to make that many coffees in a row to get a high level of consistency.
    The Espro, or any other force indicating tamp, makes one variable constant, ie the weight of tamp, so I can concentrate on the rest of my technique.
    Just my $0.02.

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